What We Do

We help businesses of all sizes augment their technology project and program management.
We have software project management experience in several industry verticals.
From application development to operational business projects, we will help you to drive your projects to completion.

1 Project Management

Experienced with software development, creative and marketing project management, Creative Ops has extensive software project management experience in several industries at the enterprise and small to medium business levels.

2 PM Consulting

We help organizations develop and implement tools, processes and procedures that help their software organizations run more efficiently. We have Project Management experience with multiple Fortune 50 companies in addition to performing as part of multiple Project Management Offices.

3 Program Management

We work with companies to help align their organizational goals with their software development and products roadmaps. Helping to prioritize and make sense of the dependancies of all of the projects in the clients’ portfolios.

Other Services

Below are some additional services that we are able to offer.
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Creative Design

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Web Design

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Business Services

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