About Creative Ops

My Approach

I believe that organizations should constantly be reinventing themselves. I seek to learn what is working, what is not and what changes would add value. My philosophy is to help others to achieve their business goals by creating efficiencies and scalable solutions that enhance productivity and create opportunity.

What sets me apart is my ability to analyze complex problems in order to recommend scalable solutions. I feel that analysis begins at the cause, not the symptom. While addressing the symptom only provides a temporary solution, addressing the cause not only provides the true fix, but also decreases risk.

My Story

I began my career in the United States Marine Corps. I sat behind a desk, crunching numbers while drinking more coffee than should be permitted. I was later assigned to a combat service detachment in Japan where I was first introduced to an analytical approach to problem solving. I was a member of a specialty team that was responsible for expediting highly mission critical parts. Our team was authorized to use any means possible to procure this equipment. Our regular executive updates forced us to think outside of the box so we’d show progress.

After leaving the military, I finished my degree and worked for a top accounting firm before being tapped on the shoulder by a large technology company. A couple of the reasons why I was recruited was my ability to identify problems and solutions as well as few largely successful technology projects that I recommended, initiated, staffed and managed.

After several years as a Technology Project Manager with some of the largest organizations, I have gained additional knowledge and reinforcement of existing knowledge of process improvement, project management and information technology. 

I am a problem solver. I enjoy helping others. Whether it be individuals or organizations looking to achieve a goal, that goal becomes mine too.    


Paul Martinez

Founder & Owner

I am a baseball fanatic, I enjoy being active, reading and photography. I support multiple non-profit veterans organizations and am a mentor to veterans transitioning into Project Management or other corporate positions.